Bringing you the highest quality swimwear since 2011


With limited resources Rachel Delabruere started making swimwear from her one bedroom apartment in Southern, California. Friends and customers would stop by for a curated, custom bikini that was made to order.  She realized quickly that women wanted unique swimwear that truly fit well and that was pretty much non-existent. Bathing suits lacked personality and there was minimal versatility for the many unique body types. This inspired her to create stylish, handmade swimwear that captivates the true beauty and essence of being a woman; swimwear that makes you feel beautiful and confident.

In 2013 she opened her first showroom and expanded the sewing to an industrial building. Customers that obsessed with the Beach Babe flawless fit and uniqueness, were willing to wait 4-6 weeks for their custom bikini!

Fast forward to today and Beach Babe® is now a statement brand for women who like to spend their days basking in the sun, surfing waves or creating memories with friends and family at the beach or pool.  All of our high-quality swimsuits are designed, manufactured and sold directly to the customer, all in house; bringing beach babes a personalized experience from the shopping to the shore.

created by women for women

At Beach Babe®, we want women to enjoy bikini shopping instead of dreading it for fear of not finding the size they need or a style that fits their unique curves in a way that makes them feel beautiful.  Summers should be enjoyed to the fullest and a good fitting swimsuit that makes you feel comfortable and fearless at the beach is exactly what every woman needs – and deserves.

One of Beach Babe's biggest attributes, is being known for exceptional fit and comfort. In return we have acquired over 2,000 5 star reviews from verified buyers. This is a direct reflection of Rachel’s knowledge of pattern making, design and fashion. She was able to perfect the fit and never decline in quality throughout our years of growth. As a result we will enlighten many women with our campaign - "My Bikini Body”. The creativity behind this campaign is to show women specifically what style and fit is most complimentary with their body type. On the market today, we bring to our customers the complete best fitting most flattering swimwear.

Eco-friendly fashion is nothing if it's not ethically made.

Every single Beach Babe pieces is made 100% in the USA


All of our swimwear is handmade in California and is made using sustainably made or eco-friendly fabrics and biodegradable packaging products as much as possible. We work with local artists to create custom designs for all of our prints and pride ourselves on being an eco-consciousAmerican-made brand created by women for women. We make our bathing suits in small batches to eliminate waste and to reduce our carbon footprint on this beautiful planet we call Earth. By wearing our premium line of swimsuits handmade in the USA, we aspire to inspire other Beach Babes to support ethnical fashion brands.